The Olympics are Coming


It's been a while, but I have not forgotten about you, nor have I forgotten about our shared interest – #olympicspandex. I am SO excited that the Rio games kick off this Friday, yet excited to enjoy them in my Zika-free home.

Want to know another thing that I am excited about? Our little blog remains the NUMBER 1 search result for "Olympic spandex" on Google. I feel like I've won the gold medal in the SEO Olympics!

Anyway, let's get back to the matter at hand! The opening ceremony for Rio 2016, or, the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, are a mere 4 days away, and Ralph Lauren has gifted us with the least offensive national kit in recent history. Sure, they will look like they are students at some elite Olympics Boarding School, but gone are the unfortunate and ridicule-inducing hats. (As I've said MANY times before, we really aren't a hat-wearing nation.) Also, you know I'm obsessed with the (admittedly kind of tacky yet truly amazing) light-up flag bearer blazer.

Images courtesy of Ralph Lauren, via NBC Olympics

Lest we go without SOME controversy, the internet has noticed a striking similarity between these outfits and the Russian flag.

It seems that for once, we might not be the most embarrassing team in the Parade of Nations. Georgia's outfits have been likened to erasers, and more than 6,000 people have signed a petition against using them. LOL.

Image by Instagram user RAMBODJAVAN1, via

While Ralph Lauren has us covered for the opening and closing ceremonies, Nike is taking care of podium wear and a number of team uniforms:

John Lamparski / Getty via SELF

YAWN. These athletes look about as excited to wear these uniforms as I am to look them.

Meanwhile, Under Armor has done us a solid and the Team USA Women's Gymnastics leotards are KILLER!!!

I can die happy because these leotards exist in the world.

Keep checking back this week for more #olympicspandex news leading up to the Opening Ceremony on Friday!


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