Women's Volleyball: A sport I actually know about

Here's a fun fact- I played volleyball for 7 years while in school.  Admittedly, it was middle and high school.  And we weren't very good.  And I spent most of my time on the bench.  But when I sat on that bench, I did it in spandex.

Anyway, because I actually know how this sport works, I generally enjoy watching it.  I am currently taking in the USA vs South Korea game and have a few things to note.

1. I NEED to get my hands on the South Korean shorts.  I am a general supporter of all spandex apparel, but I am especially fond of the spandex short (this likely stems from the time I spent playing volleyball).  The detail on the butt is GLORIOUS!

2. Most unfortunate name of the match (and probably the whole Olympics, but it's too early to call): Destinee Hooker.  I hope that her athletic prowess overshadowed her name growing up.  If not, LOOK WHERE SHE IS NOW, BITCHES!!!

Whilst writing this post, Team USA defeated South Korea.  CONGRATS!  Below, my thoughts on fashion from the rest of today's matches:

Italy vs Dominican Republic

So the awesome shorts may not be unique to South Korea.  Here they are in blue from Italy!  I think I like them better in black, though.

Turkey (left, black) and Algeria (right, red/white)

Is there no originality in team uniforming anymore?  Granted, I like this design, but this is no way to stand out!  The style didn't work out too well for Algeria, who lost to Japan.  Turkey is still duking it out with Brazil, the defending gold medalists.  Good luck!

Great Britain

I honestly don't know what is going on on her arm.  Is that paint?  Athletic tape?  A temporary tattoo?  I'm into any of the above, but I need clarification.

On a volleyball related note, a friend asked what the purpose of Men's Beach Volleyball was (women's, he said, is obviously to watch women play in bikinis).  To this I responded, it is clearly a celebration of the bro tank, and the occasional bro sweatband.

Joshua Binstock and Martin Reader, Canada



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