Spandex: One Woman's Personal Journey

My love of spandex is no secret to anyone who has met me or read this blog. One summer I gave up pants entirely in favor of leggings.

My history with spandex spans multiple (three) decade,s and countless fashion hits and misses. Born in the 80s, spandex was a reality since birth.  My childhood decisions to both figure skate and be in the circus led me to a variety pieces in differing patterns of floral spandex.

I wasn't a very good figure skater, but I looked good – that is obviously what matters.

Note the ruffles on the sleeves. Classy.

More floral spandex. Also the second instance of a unitard. 

Let me point out the lace ruffle detail on the pink socks.

An unfortunate haircut and use of purple sweatpants. Excellent green leo, though.

I refused to wear jeans until roughly 1995, so this provided even more fantastic opportunities to showcase my love of spandex.

The early 2000s were a dark period in my spandex history. I clearly thought I was "too cool" for school (spandex). However, working at a summer camp and being in a sorority brought me back to a skin-hugging reality. After bringing a bastardized version of Jazzercise to the camp, American Apparel should thank me for a spike in leotard sales.

2006. Jazz hands and spandex.

2007. Sorority composite photo.

More 2007. Leading a group of teens in Jazzercise.  This leotard sold for $80 in a 2010 auction to benefit the campership fund.

2008. I wore a fanny pack all summer, because what goes better with spandex?

2008. Summer of the thongatard.

2008. I went there.

2009. 80s night. Also known as an excuse not to wear pants.

2009. Like Kate Middleton, I recycle my outfits. Unlike Kate Middleton, they are made of spandex and I wear faux headset microphones.

In 2011 I even made my television spandex debut on Dance Party, a show on San Francisco's local TV station KOFY.

2011. Television spandex debut.

2011. They might be table linens, but I'm still excited.

Every two years, the Olympics not only give me something to do/obsess over for seventeen days, but they give the greater world community a glimpse into what is so special, and so magical about spandex.

2012.  Repping Team Canada in honor of my favorite Canadians (including, but not limited to, Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepson).

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog!  Come back soon!

Spandex lover 4 life


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