Johnny Weir is the Biggest Fashion News Out of Sochi

I have mentioned before the difficulty I have with other news outlets living inside my brain. Being a one spandex-clad woman blogging operation, sometimes I don't get things in writing as quickly as I am thinking them. Thus, many have beaten me to the "Johnny Weir Sochi fashion" punch.

JDub is truly owning the Olympics. His commentary never fails to amuse (on Canadian ice dancer Tessa Virtue's dress he said Sunday, "I love that she's wearing a costume inspired by Russian royalty, and a little bit of Faberge"), and his outfits have been OFF THE CHARTS AMAZING.

Your first course of action at this point should be to immediately follow him on the 'gram. He's been posting semi-daily fashion selfies. Your welcome.

And if you need more, here is a round-up of suggested reading on JDub's 2014 Olympic wear:


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