That Time Visa Convinced Me Ski Jumping Was My New Favorite Sport

I admit to often being a slave to marketing. Generally this takes the form of buying any mascara that claims to make my lashes look big and fake. This week it took the more cost-effective route of inspiring a fascination of and love affair with ski jumping.

Here's the Visa commercial:

First of all, how fitting that during these Games being held in Russia my new favorite sport would evoke memories of Rocky and Bullwinkle, or rather, Moose and Squirrel:

It's really no surprise that I am so taken with ski jumping. Flying is awesome, and they do it in spandex. There is nothing not to love here. Let's take a look at some of the best and worst in ski jumping fashion, shall we?

Peter Prevc, SLO
My favorite suit by far comes all the way from Slovenia. This is absolutely Tron-tastic. The stark white against the dark black... Thrilling. And the contrasting arm is a special touch unmatched by any other nation. While I have found that ski jumping suits tend to be solid in color, this is an appreciated pop of excitement.

Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, AUT
Women's ski jumping is an Olympic first in Sochi, and I hope that this suit from Austria is not an Olympic last. This highlighter yellow number glowed magnificently against the white snow. With so many people all over the Olympic Village, you're sure not to miss Daniela or any other Austrian ski jumper.

Noriaki Kasai, JPN
So much love for this high flying race car-inspired number from Japan.

Lindsey Van, USA
The USA is so hit or miss sometimes. While I dig this pleather-like look in front, that cobalt blue is really the standout of this piece. Note for next time: invert those colors. A snazzier helmet would have scored additional points as well.

Maciej Kot, Kamil Stoch, and Jan Ziobro, POL
I guess I'm just confused as to why three Polish dudes have drastically different attire? Perhaps these suits are all personal fashion decisions? This could explain why very few overall have little, if any, nods to national color schemes.


  1. My particular concern with the Polish outfits are the different shades of Red. Everyone knows that in branding, you have to pick one hue of each color. Even if they stray from their Nation's colors, you can't have two people on the same team wearing two different shades of the same color. #badform


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