Cycling: Your best source for Olympic unitards

I realize that cycling has been happening in some form or another since day one of the Olympics, but I was distracted by all the leotards.  I'm about to be even MORE distracted by them because Rhythmic Gymnastics is just getting underway.  But, I digress.  Cycling.  If you've got a hankering for Olympic unitards, THIS IS YOUR SPORT (we'll touch on wrestling a bit later).

We started the week with the men's and women's road races, which in photographic form look more like a parade of colorful unitards.

Now let's get into the nitty gritty of it all.

Kazakhstan: I don't really understand Kazakhstan's national color palate.  In a bedding situation I am really into those colors.  I also think the emblem on their flag is really beautiful (the circle on his chest- in flag form it has more intricate detailing).  That being said, these colors don't translate well to a unitard.  It's rare that I would make this call, but I think it is too much aqua.

Columbia: Not sure if they got the memo that this isn't Nascar?

Netherlands: The V detail of the color blocking is really lovely!

Chile: It's a tough call on who is channeling Captain America more- Chile or USA!

Team GB: @London2012 posted this picture of Tour De France winner Bradley Wiggins on a throne after winning his time trial.  I love a number of things about this picture.  The unapologetic prominence of Wiggins' bare chest, the weird shoe cover things, THE THRONE, and of course the Team GB uniform.  I like that Stella McCartney kept the design the same across the board.  I'm never confused when looking for Team GB.

Now let's venture into the Velodrome (giant Pringles can) for track cycling.  OMG TRACK CYCLING.  It's really crazy.  And fast.  CRAZY FAST!  The best thing about track cycling, aside from the obvious spandex unitards, is the helmet.  It is a specialized helmet that is obviously meant to make the cyclists more aerodynamic  but it makes them all look like they are in a fast-paced cycling sci-fi adventure.  AWESOME.

New Zealand: These look like costume ideas for Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises.

Denmark: Like off-color Pacmen...  Get them ghosts!

Team GB: We already know what the suit looks like, but wow.  Wow, wow, wow.  THIS IS ONE FREAKING SNAZZY HELMET!  I want to wear this when I learn how to ride a bike (I know- that was awkward to admit to the internet.  But I own it.  I'm on it.).

Australia: I've been generally pleased with Australia's fashion over the last two weeks, but the abundance of yellow here combined with the crazy helmet- it's a little too banana-tastic for me.

China: While nothing spectacular or breathtaking, I applaud China for doing something different and unexpected.  I had to read the country name on the leg to know it was them!

Venezuela: I love you.

Overall, an excellent turnout of Olympic unitards.  I should really get one of my own (along with that Team GB helmet!) because I think I will feel much more confident while learning how to ride a bike if I look REALLY freaking cool.



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