FOUND: Elusive American Flag Leotard!

This past Sunday morning, I did what I normally do on weekend mornings when I have no plans: lie in my bed and watch TV.  What made this Sunday different from all other Sundays was that I was watching the Olympics.  What made this day of watching the Olympics different from any other day of watching the Olympics was that finally - FINALLY - I spotted it: the amazing, beautiful, and previously absent American flag leotard.

US trampoliner (trampolinist?) Savannah Vinsat flying high in a lovely leo.

My mother, who knows all about my love of spandex and this specific leotard (she has a link to this blog on her phone's homescreen- so what if I put it there?) was also watching NBC at this exact moment and sent me the following e-mail:

To: OlympicSpandex
From: Mom
Subject: USA gymnast this am on tv
Message: They are wearing the red, white and blue spandex outfits.

It was a truly magical moment, but this story gets even better.  For those of you on the West Coast like myself who are eagerly awaiting the broadcast of the women's gymnastics beam and floor finals, tonight will not disappoint (assuming you only care about American flag spandex- I know little about any results).  Aly Raisman, gymnast extraordinaire and MOT (Member of the Tribe), delights all in this number:

Thank you, Aly, for making one of my Olympics dreams come true.



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