Want to help a sister out?

I love many things.  Spandex- you know.  The Olympics- I'm sure you're aware of that one as well.  What else?  The Today Show.  I can't explain my love for the morning news program, or why I absolutely lost my shit upon seeing Al Roker when I was at the Oscars in 2009 (yeah- that's how we roll!), but I absolutely love the Today Show.

You know what I think the Today Show would love?  This blog.  I mean, really- who wouldn't?  Ok, Nike and Ralph Lauren might not be my biggest fans this Olympic season, but I doubt anyone is theirs either.  I digress.

Want to help a sister out?  Click here to e-mail the Today Show about Ode to Olympic Spandex!  Tell them how much you love the blog, and be sure to include the link to the site (www.olympicspandex.blogspot.com).  Make OTOS internet famous!!!

On a semi-related note, thank you to the THOUSANDS (over 9000!) of people who have visited this blog over the last two weeks.  Whether we were your primary source for Olympic news and fashion, or a side dish to your regular reading and viewing, it has been a joy to share our thoughts on Olympic spandex with you.


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