Felix Sanchez (DOM): One stylish hurdler

I'm not going to lie.  Tonight's primetime coverage of the Olympics on NBC has been dismal.  Early on in the broadcast they spent 10ish minutes talking about the history of time.  Or something like that.  Then it related to space.  I don't really know- I zoned out.  Additionally, it is 10:35 pm and gymnastics had not even been MENTIONED until five minutes ago.

However, a light shone through the darkness of this boring broadcast, and that was Olympic hurdler Felix Sanchez of the Dominican Republic.  The combination of this one-piece red and blue suit in a sea of solid red and his ULTRA stylish sunglasses make him a winner in our book.  Coincidentally he is also a winner in the Olympics' book, as he just won the gold in the men's 400m hurdles.

Mazel tov to you, Mr. Sanchez, and keep up the good work!

Glory.  Pure glory.

If you can draw your attention away from the obvious bulge in his pants, this picture is amazing.
We love how he takes chances with color.  And, you know, FLIES.

Even people on the sidelines are wearing red.  Was there an inter-Olympics memo that he (and we) didn't get?  We applaud Mr. Sanchez for breaking away from the mold.



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