Opening Ceremony: Info!

We're SO CLOSE!!!  Granted, this is London time.  In the US, NBC will be broadcasting the Opening Ceremony of the XXX Olympiad at 7:30 pm.  If you are elsewhere in the world, refer to local channel guides.  If you don't have a TV, or won't be home during this time period but still want to watch, you are in LUCK! will be airing live feeds of not only tonight's Opening Ceremony, but sporting events throughout the next 17 days.  You can watch online, or on an assortment of mobile devices.

I'll be live tweeting my thoughts (@OlympicSpandex) until about 8:30 PST when I need to take a quick break and meet some Israeli teens at the airport (which feels very Olympic in spirit).  But fear not, I'll be back to blogging and posting pictures of the best and worst of the 2012 Opening Ceremony.

We also have some exciting things coming up, so stay tuned!!!!


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