US Team Uniforms: The good, the bad, and the WTF?!

Earlier this week, NBC Olympics posted this article with their thoughts on some of the 2012 team uniforms.  I'll look past the fact that they are encroaching on my fashion policing space, because they do have some good points.  However, my personal thoughts differ slightly and that is why I am bringing them to you here (plus, I know you would rather read what I have to say than NBC Olympics).  5 days to London 2012!!!!

Women's Soccer
NBC Olympics is oddly into this homage to "Where's Waldo?"  While a nice shout-out to host city, London ("Where's Waldo," originally published as "Where's Wally?" was created by British illustrator Martin Handford), I would prefer something with a little more pizzazz.  Points deducted for lack of spandex, too.

Men's Basketball
I am admittedly intrigued by the mid-leg positioning of what appear to be spandex leg warmers, as well as the addition of elbow pads to the sport.  I do appreciate the head-to-toe coordination of this outfit, also available in red and white.

Women's Gymnastics
There's no competition when it comes to gold in the "Team Spandex" event.  These leos are stunning, not to mention figure-flattering with the bias flag detail.  Someone please notify me when I can purchase one for myself!  The US really hit it out of the park on this one.  Check back later for my thoughts on historical USA Gymnastics leotards.

Women's Field Hockey
Was this the last uniform designed?  It really feels like someone just gave up.  Also, why aren't we coordinating footwear here?  It looks sloppy.

From the Ed Hardy school of Olympic uniforms.  All it needs is rhinestones.  I may feel better about this once I see it on a human being.

I'll forgive the distractingly prominent crotch area because these are just so damn cool.  I'd rock that shirt any day of the week.

Track and Field
Honestly, who gave the OK for this?!?!?!  The two piece outfits are manageable, but COME ON!  Those one-piece atrocities will make our athletes the laughing stock of the games.  Next time planning a one piece spandex suit, consult the folks designing for the winter sports or these guys.



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