Soccer: USA vs France

Admittedly, soccer uniforms are not made of spandex.  However, I am just THAT excited that Olympic competition has already begun (Soccer and Archery start today, even though the Opening Ceremony is not for two more days).

A few posts back, you might remember the Where's Waldo-esque uniforms the American women were sporting.  Those are apparently NOT the uniforms they will be playing in over the next few weeks.

First, let me apologize for how awkward these photos are.  Since we've only reached halftime (game is currently tied 2-2), there are no pictures on the internet yet.  So I had to screenshot the streaming feed from

Now on to my thoughts.  I like the red/white/blue detailing around the neck.  It reminds me of those cheap fake medals you can get for small children.  The US women are favored to win gold, so maybe that is a subtle hint at that.  Here's where I have an issue.  Looking straight on, and particularly from a bit of a distance, these shirts make the women look like they are wearing blue sweater vests.  HOW ARE SWEATER VESTS RELATED TO SOCCER?  And while I like the shade of green that goalie Hope Solo is wearing (fantastic color on her), I wonder where in our American color palate this came from?

More thoughts on soccer later.  I'll also try to get in some solid archery time, and relate everything I see to "The Hunger Games."


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