US Women's Gymnastics: A Leotard Travesty

About a week ago, I gave you my thoughts on the US' various team uniforms.  I was PARTICULARLY excited about the leotards that the women's gymnastics team would be donning:

I've watched every event so far, and am currently streaming the team finals, and these BEAUTIFUL flag-inspired leos have yet to make an appearance?  WHAT GIVES?!

Here we have the leotards the women wore for podium training.  It's cute that the pink spandex matches the pink gym, but honestly it's a little much.  The starburst detail is OK.

Two nights ago, amidst the drama of reigning World Champion Jordyn Wieber not qualifying for the All Around finals, the gymnasts competed in these blue/purple leotards.  Notice the starburst detail?  THEY ARE THE SAME LEOTARD IN A DIFFERENT COLOR!!!  Have we reached the end of originality?

Now, as I sit here streaming the team finals (which I will watch again tonight during an Olympics viewing party I am hosting), I have yet to be graced by the visual and patriotic wonder that is the elusive flag leotard. Instead I am presented with rhinestone on red.

(sorry about the awkward and the quality- screenshot of the live stream)

Look, it's not terrible.  The placement of the rhinestones is a little weird because it looks like bedazzled ribs.  I also think this is the same leotard they wore on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Perhaps my flag favorite is for the individual competition?  I'll be watching.  And waiting.



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