I am very behind

I realize that I have been slacking lately on the spandex rundowns.  Ice dancing came and went (though there was a distinct lack of spandex in this sport, but I did spot a few stand out gems), and I have not even begun to brief you on the epicness that is the bobsled spandex (they wear pedal pushers!).  Unfortunately for my career as a blogger of spandex, I have a real job.  And this takes up a good portion of my time.  I didn't have to work last week, thus why I was able to put up 7 posts in a day.  That being said, I have worn spandex to work every day (and will continue to), and will be compiling photos to bring you the latest in Olympic spandex fashions.

In the meantime, browse the internets for your own spandex race suit.


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