Alpine- Men's downhill training

Once more we have come upon a sport that I had no idea supported the generous use of spandex attire. Upon further thought, however, I realized that once again the athletes benefit from how swiftly the air is able to move across the fabric.

Starting us off is Maui Gayme, marking Chile's first appearance on this blog. Way to make a first impression!!! The styling is similar to Canada's luge uniforms but the colors lend to more of a "Transformers" look. Loving it. On an only mildly related note, where do you ski in Chile? Strikes me as one of the warmer nations...

Sweden has really outdone themselves in this colorful number modeled by Patrik Jaerbyn. There is so much detail and an excellent use of color! I'm particularly fond of the nameplate on the leg as well as the matching helmet. Major style points here.

Robbie Dixon of Canada. Wow. You really can't miss him on the slopes!!! Great marketing strategy.

Australia is also going for that exoskeleton/Transformers/hard outer shell look. Does anyone else also get turtle when they see Craig Branch in this?

The US really had some tricks up their sleeve. Just when I was starting to doubt our country's sense of fashion, they pulled out show-stopping numbers for both luge, and now Alpine. Erik Fisher is a giant flag speeding down the slopes and let me tell you- flag looks good on him.

Pairs free skate is coming soon! I previewed the pictures as they were posted last night and was losing my MIND! Currently watching the men's short program, and there are some gems there as well. Get excited!!!


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