Skeleton is probably the sport that gives me the greatest number of heart palpitations when I think about it.  The name is fitting, though "Bone Crusher" would have also worked.  Skeleton is similar to luge, only upside down.  The sliders are on their stomachs on their sleds facing down the track.  Absolutely terrifying.  EPIC fashion.

American Noelle Pikus-Pace may have the best spandex of the 2010 Olympics right here.  The hot pink bodysuit with USA printed on the bum as well as some black contour detailing along the sides is a recipe for success.  Someone e-mail me when this goes on sale, because I am getting one.

The American men also had quality gear for this event, as modeled by John Daly.  I won't lie- I thought this was Canada upon first glance.  Either way, the pattern detail on the arm is fabulous, as is the surprising pop of yellow just above his shoes.

The men's and women's uniforms for skeleton were more or less the same, so I am only going to show you one.  All the countries really pulled out all the stops for this sport's uniform.  There seems to be a large Union Jack design on the suit as a whole, but what I like most is the Union Jack glove-like details on the arms.  Also, note the helmet.

So the yellow and black spandex on this suit is great, albeit a little bumble-bee-esqe, but what is really of note in this Japanese get-up is the helmet.  Not sure if that is a unicorn or a Pegasus, but both are awesome.

New Zealand going literal with "skeleton."  Love the color combo and the matching stripes on the legs and shoes.



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