Olympics Day One

Day one of the Winter Olympic Games threw audiences into a spandex frenzy with events in both Speed Skating and Short Track (which let's be real- I totally thought that fell into the larger category of speed skating!). Both have proven to be prime events for the display of spandex.

Let's start with the Men's 5000 meter:

Here we have Trevor Marsicano of Team USA. What you will notice about this uniform is the illusion of shorts over longer spandex pants. This has been a very popular look for the Olympics thus far, with many other speed skating uniforms having a similar design. I give this outfit a silver medal because I like the shade of blue, but points have been deducted because I think the shorts look is ridiculous.

PHOTO: http://armoks.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/28/Olympic-Speedskating-Trials_7181_photo.jpg

Next up is 5000 meter gold medalist Sven Kramer of the Netherlands. While the Dutch uniforms may be reminiscent of a fashionable Jack-o-lantern, Kramer does get props for his cool eyewear (which unfortunately you cannot see well enough in this picture). But there is more to this outfit than meets the eye: check out this article from NBC about these high-tech orange wondersuits: http://www.nbcolympics.com/news-features/news/newsid=412263.html#speedy+suits.

PHOTO: http://wintergames.ap.org/Content/preview/2010/20100214/00/e5f7d90fb8f4421a9e1db314ec0d7fd1.jpg

Last, but certainly not least is my favorite spandex of the event: Shigeyuki Dejima of Japan. He may have come in 19th in the race, but he get's first place in my heart and on my blog for the best spandex of the event. He looks like C3PO on ice, and THAT is awesome.

Check back later for my thoughts on the men's 1500 meter finals as well as the women's 3000 meter relay semifinal. Tomorrow we'll also cover the spandex friendly luge events.


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