Skiing, shooting, and spandex

That's right, it's time for a rundown of women's Biathlon.  But first things first- who knew that SHOOTING was an Olympic sport?!?!?!  WTF?  Not I, sir; not I.  So once I got past the fact that this literally blew my mind, I was able to focus on more important things- like spandex.

First up is Magdalena Neuner of Germany.  The pants on this outfit were nothing to write home about, thus why I chose a picture highlighting the top half.  I love the subtle pattern detail that is incorporated into the sleeves which are already representative of the county's flag.  What I am confused about is why she is carrying an Avatar on her gun?  Realistically that may be a backpack strap, but if it is James Cameron for sure designed it.

France's uniform, modeled here by Marie Laure Brunet, has also hopped on the subtle flag detail train.  I have to admit that I would like this elbow design a lot more if it were made of Swarovski crystals (which is legit what I thought it was on first glance, but on second glance I knew better), but it's a nice touch.  Question: Why did she leave her hot rollers on her gun?  P.S. I really like the yellow gloves and wish the rest of the outfit were that color.

On the left you can catch a glimpse of the bottom half of the German suit.  On the right is Anastazia Kuzmina of Slovakia.  Big props to Slovakia for their daring use of color.  I'm loving the electric lime and uneven black and white ribbon detail.



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