"What if your blog became as popular as Julie's in 'Julie & Julia'?!?!?!"

This was a question posed to me by my friend Ellie earlier today. There are a few answers to this question:

A) That would be AWESOME!
B) I feel like this blog might translate better to reality tv than it would to film.

That being said, here are the ideas Ellie and I came up with for reality shows based on/inspired by Ode to Olympic Spandex:

- a "Newlyweds" type show documenting my love affair with Spandy Andy

- a show that follows me around as I learn how to do various Olympic sports while also modeling each sport's unique spandex

- a show that follows me on my quest to meet Spandy Andy (would likely be the precursor to the first idea, may or may not include my Olympic misadventures along the way)

- a show that is straight up about spandex and the different capacities in which it is worn

Obviously I need to decide quickly since there is only a week and a half left of the Olympics!


  1. nora this is so great. and the pictures..AMAZING. i love this so much.

  2. Nora... This is absolutely fantastic. I am so impressed and feel like I don't even have to watch the olympics now beecause I can get up to the minute spandex updates. I mean, that is like 99% of why anyone watches the olympics anyway. miss you!



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