Pairs Figure Skating- short program

Ah, figure skating- the holy grail of Olympic spandex. Here spandex takes on a multitude of forms and is personalized for each athlete or team of athletes (whereas in the other sports each country has a uniform that all the athletes wear). Valentine's Day marked the beginning of the pairs competition with the short program.

Normally I would not begin a post with such a show-stopping display of spandex, but this is simultaneously the best and worst thing I have ever seen. What is most impressive about Tatiana Volosozhor and Stanislav Morosov of the Ukraine is not only have I never seen a man in quite so much of such a shiny spandex, but the glory goes all the way down to their skates. Again- not sure if its a head to toe mess or masterpiece. What would Lady Gaga think?

Speaking of Lady Gaga, Xue Shen (with Hongbo Zhao) of China is certainly channeling either Lady Gaga or Pink (circa her Grammy performance) in this black number. If I didn't know that everything was connected by thin pieces of flesh-colored mesh, I would be concerned about a wardrobe malfunction! But alas, I know better, so we (and the FCC) are safe.

Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison of Canada in classic Zebra chic. Enough said.

Caydee Denney (USA) looks like a Phoenix birthed from the flame on partner Jeremy Barrett's shoulder. I think this is what they were going for...

Based on what I have seen out of the pairs short program, I can only IMAGINE what the rest of the figure skating events have in store. Can't wait!!!


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