Women's short track

So I was only able to track down one photo from yesterday's women's short track competitions, but its a good one:

There is SOOO much to discuss about this photo. Let's focus first on Sarah Lindsay of Great Britain in the front. Love the solid red with the Union Jack on the thigh. Behind her to the left is Marianne St-Gelais of Canada. Her suit is similar to the Canadian suits I have seen in other events thus far in that they have a faux shin guard detail on the lower leg. Mildly confusing, but ultimately pretty cool. Clearly working to her advantage since she came in first in her heat. In the center of the pack is Tatiana Borodulina of Australia in some EPIC spandex. She looks like a piece of machinery!!! Finally we come to Valeriya Potemkina of Russia. This outfit lies somewhere between ridiculous and pajama-like and totally awesome. I can't decide. I'll leave that one up to you.

Up next: Nordic combined (a sport I didn't realize featured spandex prominently)


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