Nordic Combined

As I mentioned earlier, the Nordic Combined is a sport that I was unaware was so supportive of spandex attire. In this event, the 10 meter cross country, an American skiier medaled for the first time in Olympic history.

But enough with the facts- let's get on with the fashion.

Once again Italy has come through for it's athletes providing fashionable yet functional outfits for the various winter sports. In the white is Alessandro Pittin, who scored a bronze medal for his athleticism in Vancouver but is getting a gold medal from me for the two-tone body suit with Italian flag detailing along the side. Viva Italia.

In the red is Johnny Spillane- the first American ever to medal in Nordic Combined. Spillane is brining home a silver medal, which seems fitting considering he has a silver medal on each knee. The US really stepped up their game for this uniform (you'll recall I've been disappointed by the American uniforms in both speed skating and short track).

Before moving on, let's also give a shout out to Anssi Koivuranta of Finland who is third back with the blue and white legs. Best hat of the race, hands down (though don't get me wrong- I also greatly appreciate everyone else's headbands).

Jason Lamy Chappuis of France was the gold medalist in this event. While his spandex leaves something to be desired, it doesn't leave much to the imagination. Those are some strategically placed lines... Also, check out those shoes (boots?). Quality.


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