Pairs Figure Skating- free skate

As I mentioned in my previous post, I lost my mind while previewing these photos. There is just so much greatness! So I won't bother you with my mindless rambling and will just get to it, because these are absolute GOLD!

Because I want you to have the same viewing experience as I did, I needed to show you this picture of Hausch and Wende of Germany first. This is literally the first picture I saw on I wish I had watched their actual performance to truly understand the greatness of their spandex but upon first glance they seem to be Roman warriors. On second glance, I definitely get a Lego vibe. Like, I'm pretty sure there is a Lego set of these outfits. If there isn't, there should be.

Doubtful you'll recognize these two, but believe it or not it is Volosozhar and Morosov of the Ukraine (of blue glamdex fame). These outfits are clearly disappointing after such a strong/shiny showing in the short program. And what are those pins on her collar? Wings? Is she supposed to be a flight attendant? Boo. But great shot of her bangs....

I seriously got my mom to buy a Valentino shirt in nearly this same pattern last weekend. Not sure if that's good or bad for you mom. Sorry. But Bazarova and Lariyono of Russia really make it work (though I am curious about the gold waistband on Lariyano- is that his underwear? I hope so...). Again I really wish I had seen their performance. I can only imagine what sort of 80s musical magic they skated to.

My biggest beef with US skaters Evora and Ladwig is the top of Evora's dress. You're getting your outfit custom made for this performance, at the OLYMPICS no less, and you can't get them to match the mesh to your skin tone? Hope you got your money back.

I have no idea what is going on with this dress. Clearly Denney and Barrett hired Ping who was recently kicked off Project Runway to design it. It looks like purple, gold, and lace just sort of threw up on her. I have to admit I'm into the man-cleavage on Barrett, though... Heidi obviously had his back and he got paired with a better designer.

Morand and Dorsaz of Switzerland in Burberry Ice 2010. Didn't realize Burberry worked with spandex...


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