Luge- Men's singles

Luge is a sport that relies on the aerodynamic wonders of spandex. The men's singles competition did not disappoint in suspense (two-time gold medalist and favorite to win Armin Zoeggeler of Italy was knocked out of the top spot, yet still left with bronze) or fashion. Unfortunately NBC failed to list the names of the athletes under the photos of this event, so all I can tell you is the country each uniform is from.

This look hails from host nation Canada. IT IS INCREDIBLE!! It sort of looks like a colorful exoskeleton... Or like those pictures of what muscles look like? LOVE it.

Germany. My favorite part of this piece is clearly the arms. Specifically I like how the yellow section has a thumb loop. Very cool. The white detail also sort of looks like wings... Wish he had black shoes, though.

So far Japan has not disappointed me with their assorted spandex creations and this one is no exception. While I do miss the gold that was featured prominently in the speed skating and short track outfits, the cartoonish arms of this one completely make up for that. Totally FAB.

This Romanian ensemble is simple yet sweet. I like how the white of the bodysuit blends seamlessly into the shoes. And the flag detailing on the arms and legs adds visual interest.

Team USA is coming back from a disappointing fashion start to the Olympics and bringing us this fiery wonder. There really isn't much more to say, but let's hope he didn't melt the ice in that outfit!!!!


  1. To me, it looks like Canada is channeling "Tron" for this event.


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