Men's Free Skate

I realize that I am a few days late with this review, but unfortunately life sometimes gets in the way.  But fear not- I tackled life head-on, in spandex no less.  That being said, there was a distinct lack of spandex during the men's free skate on Tuesday night.  Many of the skaters opted for more of a slack-like pant and blousey shirt.  Perhaps they thought that would keep them off my blog.  Unlikely.

I need to begin with Canada's Patrick Chan.  On a basic level, this outfit is not that bad.  The jacket has a lot of interesting detail and I enjoy the tuxedo-style pant.  HOWEVER, throughout his entire routine all I could focus on was his belt buckle because it was distractingly prominent.  Had he gone with a spandex pant, there would have been no need for a belt thus resolving this issue.  Though Chan's most egregious fashion blunder relates to his choice of music.  Chan free skate program was choreographed to music from The Phantom of the Opera.  You will notice the lack of any sort of partial facial covering.  Major points deducted for this.  I realize that a half mask wouldn't work since it would obstruct his vision, but white face paint would have sufficed.

Once again Kevin van der Perren of Belgium does not disappoint.  It seems that he is channeling the international aspect of the Games by wearing an abstract world map on his shirt.  Also, what's the deal with everyone's belt buckles tonight?

Daisuke Takahashi of Japan's look is half court jester, half women's Renaissance-era corset.  It is troubling that someone in this outfit can walk away with a bronze medal...

Samuel Contesti of Italy follows up his spandex cowboy/mechanic look with this mariachi-inspired look.  The bold orange is a nice touch.  Thank you, Mr. Contesti, for never failing to keep fashion interesting.  How awesome would it have been if he were ALSO wearing a sombrero???

Javier Fernandez from Spain appears to be going the pirate route for this performance.  On the pirate scale however, he is more on the Pirates of Penzance end of the spectrum than Pirates of the Caribbean.

What I love about Johnny Weir is that he has a very distinct style that is all his own.  I saw this outfit and thought, "man, he looks so Johnny Weir right now."  Um, duh.  He also looks like a glittery arctic bird of sorts.  Not to mention, fabulous.

I think that Johnny Weir had the best description of American Evan Lysacek's outfit when he said that there were "dueling phallic snakes" on it.  Ha ha ha ha.  I'm going to give Lysacek a minor pass since this is Vera Wang (and let's be real- if it were part of her Simply Vera by Vera Wang line at Kohl's I would be the first to purchase it), but I am a bit disappointed that he went all black for both the short program and the free skate.

Um, WTF, Florent?


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